June 1st, 2004

beer good

For Your Listening Pleasure!!

WHO: University of Washington's Chamber Singers

WHAT: Bach's Mass in B Minor

WHEN: 7:30pm Tuesday June 1, 2004


              7:30pm Friday June 4, 2004

WHERE: Tuesday Show @ Meany Hall on the UW Campus


                 Friday Show @ Suzzallo Reading Room on the UW Campus

HOW MUCH: $5 students/ $8 general admission Get tix from the UW Arts Ticket Office or at the door for the Tuesday show:

4001 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105
phone: (206) 543-4880
fax: (206) 685-4141

At the door starting @ 6:45pm for the Friday show.

The Suzzallo show will be amazing..the room is great accoustically.

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Just for the hell of it.

Ok, so this started with some of the kids taking the physics 121-123 series out of our pure unadulterated hatred for physics tutorials. We just figured it would be fun to have a huge party down at Golden Gardens to burn the physics tutorials. Sure it may seem juvenile, but whatever.

Physics Tutorial/
Homework Burning Party!

When? Friday, June 4 @ 7pm
Where? Golden Gardens Beach

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I just got my room&board bill for Summer, and it looks like I got into Hansee. Then only problem is - I don't know what the rooms look like at all and I only have a few days to shop.

Does anyone have any pictures of what the rooms in Hansee look like, or anything besides the dinky drawing on the HFS website?
i like it here

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is there anyone out there who will be getting a UPASS for summer quarter, but won't be using it and would like to sell it to me? i would be oh so grateful. if you fit this description, please leave your contact info and i'll get in touch with you so we can negotiate a price.
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McKee 201-209 swap?

Hey there!

This may be a bit of a long shot, but I'm wondering if someone here has been assigned McKee 209 this summer? See, I live there now, and will live there next year, but the wonderful HFS folks gave me McKee 201 for the summer. I'd really love to switch with whoever has 209. You'd still get a single in Hansee for the summer and I wouldn't have to pack all my shit just to move it down the hall.

If you have 209 and wouldn't mind switching with me, just reply here, or send me an email or whatever.

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