May 31st, 2004

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Ok, so if any of you know the owner of the car who's alarm goes off about 6 times a day near the dorms, PLEASE tell them to shut it off. Because, as much as i love listening to it going off at 3 am, well i don't. Thank you.

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Next year I will be attending the UW. Does anyone have any suggestions on which dorms aren't the grossest? I've seen about half of them, and I'm wondering which ones are the best, and which ones should be avoided at all costs. Thanks!

Question for ESS 495 Students

would anyone be willing to give me copies (or email) the lecture questions to me? it seems that i misplaced my folder with all of my notes for both ESS 495 & 499, somewhere on campus and so far haven't been able to retrieve it. i've been to the lectures so i don't need the full notes, i'd just like to refresh my memory as to the specific questions sometime before the thursday quiz. if anyone would be willing to meet up with me and give me the questions, or even just email them, that would be amazingly nice. thanks!

Spanish Books for 101-103

I'm selling the Spanish books required for the 100 level. These books are good for Spanish 101-103. I just bought the books this quarter for Spanish 103 and so they are in very good condition.

Sabias Que- used $69.40 (4e)
Espanol Nivel 100 new or used $30.50 (5e)

This is the price the bookstore has WITHOUT tax, but I will sell both for only $85 NO TAX. As well I'll throw in the VOX Spanish/English dictionary free. all in all you'll be saving about $20 and the books don't have any marks or ripped out pages so it's an excellent buy if you want to save money!