May 26th, 2004


Hi, freshman here. As the year is winding down, I'm going to have to start looking for storage places to put my stuff over the summer. Do any of you have experience with this or know of any reliable or good storage places that I can call and ask for more info? Any help would be appreciated!
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What TIME does period 2 registration begin?

One of the classes I want to take is restricted to freshmen for period one. I take that to mean that it's fair game once period two starts, if there are openings that is.

Period 2 starts June 14th, at what time? 6AM? Is there as big rush for registering right when it opens i.e. do I need to wake up early?

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I'm in desperate need of money right now. My dog has cancer and his treatments are really expensive, so I'm selling off a bunch of stuff. I've got pictures of some of the items, so if you wish to see something or have any other questions just ask.

limited edition black velvet Korn jacket - $15
large deftones hoody with white pony logo - $10
blue Korn bandana - $6
tiger ears on a headband - $3
Live - V - $5
Presidents of the USA - Freaked Out and Small - $5
Gone With the Wind of Punk Rock Samplers - $1
Korn bootleg w/ live songs, demos, and the Christmas song - $2
Bush - Razorblade Suitcase - $7
Escape From LA soundtrack - $5
NOFX - 45 or 46 Songs - $8
Incubus bootleg of their New Jersey concert in 1998 - $2
Deftones - Change (single) - $10
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive, part 1 (single) - $7
Deftones - Be Quiet and Drive, part 2 (single) - $7
Punk O Rama 4 - $1
Smashing Pumpkins - Mellon Collie - $8
Rancid - Rancid (2000) - $5
Pennywise - Pennywise (1991) - $5
Millencolin - For Monkeys - $8
H20 - FTTW (includes a small flyer with their autographs) - $8
Tsunami Bomb - Ultimate Escape - $5
Pennywise - Live at the Key Club - $5
PS2, Playstation, Super Nintendo
Red Faction (PS2) - $10
Head Hunter (PS2) - $10
Medal of Honor: Frontline (PS2) - $5
Tenchu (Playstation) - $6
Killer Instinct (Super NES) - $4
Starfox (Super NES) - $6
PS2 console vertical stand - $5
Simpsons Trick or Treehouse (VHS) - $3
Princess Mononoke (VHS) - $4
Austin Powers: Spy Who Shagged Me (VHS) - $4
24, Season 2 (DVD box set) - $35
Memento Special Edition (DVD) - $12
Incubus Volume 2 (DVD) - $12
Simpsons Electronic LCD game - $10
Smashing Pumpkins, Tonight, Tonight poster - $1
Rocky Horror poster with Curry and lips - $2
Planet of the Apes movie poster (newer movie) - $1
Simpsons Uno - $5
World of Springfield Figure, Superintendent Chalmers - $5
Korn poster with bikes and dogs - $1
Simpsons lanyard featuring Ralph - $2
Talking Krusty the Clown doll - $25
Krusty the Clown poster - $1
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Looking for a room this summer?

Come to Wallingford! One room open in a 6 bedroom house in July and August (June- half a month, free rent). Quiet neighborhood. On the busline to UW, Seattle, walking distance to the grocery store, parks. I've reduced the rent from 420 a month down to 360, utilities not included. Pets okay. Call Jessica at 206-547-0052. Here's a pictures of the house and my room (sorry some are sideways!):
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incomplete vs X

I am graduating in a few days and this question keeps coming up so I need some clarification.

What's the big deal about taking an incomplete? Why does it look so bad?
I am probably not going to finish my senior thesis until the end of July. I will be done with all of my other classes and not registered for anything this summer (or ever again!)
I just assumed I could take an incomplete and get a grade in August. But, I have been told to ask for an X which really just means [grade pending] instead because it "looks better".

Either way I'm going to graduate. I already have a job lined up so this won't affect my future career. I am considering grad school for educational counseling in a few years but that's not my only option.

Is it a big deal to ask a prof to give you an X instead?
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Hi, Just wanted to let you all know about an upcoming show!


Come Join us for
A Benefit Concert for Homeless Youth 
Thursday May 27th 7pm
@ Ian’s Domain in McCarty Hall

Enjoy live music and learn about the issues that homeless youth face and how YOU can help

Some by Sea
Ian McFeron
Lacey Brown


(suggested donations include: clean clothes, school supplies, toiletries, non-perishable food)