May 25th, 2004

HSTAA 101-please respond!

Hi. Im registered for HSTAA 101 (survey of US history) and the professor I will be having is Quintard Taylor. I looked up the ratings for this prof and they were really good, but not too many people were surveyed. So, I am reallllllyyy wondering how much the work load is in this class. I am taking this as my "easy" class since im taking 2 other science classes, doing 15 hours of research a week and im gonna be an RA. So 2 questions:
1. what is the work load like? a lot of reading? a lot of paper? how is it graded?
2. is the lecture/prof interesting?

I guess that was more than two :) but i would really appreciate it if anone who has taken this class could give me an opinion. Thanks so much!

Questions About Summer Classes I'm Considering

I'd appreciate your opinion on the following courses and/or instructors--the more specific you can be the better, and frankly, since this is the summer quarter, I'd like to get a sense of how demanding the you found the course or instructor.

Phil 445 (Phil of Art) with Prof. Ronald Moore
Engl 354 (Early Mod. Am. Lit.) With Lecturer Henry Laufenberg

Any info. is helpful. Thanks much.

(no subject)


Table approximately 4’ x 3’ $15

Table approximately 4’ x 3’ $25

Full size Sealy Posturepedic Mattress, Box spring, and Mattress Frame $200

Bookshelf approximately 2’ x 2’x 1’ $15

Bookshelf approximately 3.5’ x 2’ x 1’ $20

Bookshelf approximately 3.5’ x 2’ x 1’ $10

Coffee Table $5

Sofa $45

Chair $25

3 Small Tables $5 each

Cubicals $5

CD Tower (Brick bottom holds 80 + cd’s) $20

2 chairs $5 each

EDIT: more added

Lamp(emits a lot of light) $15

Entertainment Rack/Cart $10

Various Frames

Philips 19" TV (Very good condition) $60

DVD rack $15

For more information or if you want to the items email
comic sans

FYI, CnC is disabling accounts for "security reasons" right now....

From CnC:

C&C has been investigating a break-in into computer systems belonging to several research departments on campus. The attacker(s) installed keystroke loggers and network sniffers on many machines, and was able to record passwords on central login-hosts.

Your UW NetID and password were used on one of the networks that contained compromised machines. We believe that it is highly likely that your password has become compromised, and your account may be used by the attacker for illegal purposes. Your account was disabled to prevent any further abuse by the attacker(s).

Because any and all passwords you use on various systems may be in the possession of these attackers, they should all be changed, and you should not choose the current passwords for use again in the future. This includes your UW NetID password, passwords for computers at other Universities, your own private accounts with Internet Service Providers, or Web Email Services.

They began turning off accounts at 10am today, and as of about 10 minutes ago (when I got mine reactivated) they had only gotten through the letter "m".

So, my question for you folks: What departments? I know my department (Math) was affected, and from gossip that (Atmospheric Sciences) was affected, but who else out there had a nasty surprise when they went to check their email?

Hopefully, if you've got a netid that starts with "n" or later, you've gotten a heads up now......
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Apartment Hunting

I dont know a thing about Seattle, but I'm moving there for grad school at UW. With that, I need an apartment.

Any insight into the Rivendell Apartments and/or the Wilsonian (which apparently are managed by the same people)? They've got some hefty rents, but it sounds like everything is brand new and spacious. All I can tell is what I see on the website, which is informative, but not enough.

The rent is over $900 for a 1bedroom, which I've been told is ridiculous. However, I'm from NYC, and the price sounds like a steal. I'm worried I'm going to get suckered just because I think anything below $1500 is cheap. Help!
Jack Sparrow

Odd Seattle Question

So, hopefully you Seattle area natives know the answer to this. Someone wants me to go to "the Opera House" later this week. Problem is, I don't know where "the Opera House" is. Do they mean the Marion Oliver McCaw Hall at Seattle Center where the Seattle Opera happens? Or is there some other place known to people with a clue (i.e. not me) as "the Opera House?"

Personally, I'd prefer not to let this person know I'm totally clueless, so... yeah. Help.

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