May 24th, 2004

  • rjl20

Citibank and free pizza

All last week there were people with card tables and stacks of individual Dominos pizzas at various entrances to campus, handing out pizzas to people who applied for a Citibank credit card. I'm not going to get into my "Citibank is a bunch of lying assholes" rant right now. I'm just curious: do they have to get permission to set up on campus? If so, from who?


Saw the campus this weekend, absolutely gorgeous. I'll enroll in the law school in the fall. Is the U-Pass thing widely used by students?
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(no subject)

I put my husky card through the wash so the stickers faded to white. Now the bus driver on my route is giving me shit saying he won't let me on next time. Is there some place on campus I can go and get these damn stickers replaced? Thanks.
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so i was talking to one of my friends today, and i guess she called some office or another to ask about a parking permit for the summer. somehow they got on the topic of the u-pass, and the guy she spoke with said that they're not offering it anymore after this quarter. has anyone else heard this or does he just not know what he's talking about?