May 23rd, 2004

U-Pass question

I know this question has been asked before in various ways, but here's my situation:
I am graduating this quarter and I still want a U-Pass for the summer.
So, I registered for 5 credits that I don't plan on taking just so they will send me my stickers. Technically I will be finishing an incomplete this summer so I will still be a student, but I won't be enrolled in any classes.
After I get the stickers I can drop the class and they will only charge me $35 for the U-Pass right?

With gas being over $2 a gallon it's a lot cheaper to go this way...but I want to make sure this will work.
Has anyone successfully acquired a U-Pass in this scandalous way?
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Going out on a limb...

Hello friends.

Wondering... is there anywhere on campus that loans laptops to students?

Not for the "I've got a presentation in class today" type of loan... more like the "I'm going to be traveling from Wednesday to Sunday, and I want to write my term paper" type of loan.

I don't even know where to go for the former, so any clues would be muy helpful.
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