May 20th, 2004

Ich bin wanten to studien der Deutsche ja

As you can tell, I suck at the German, despite the fact that it claims one quarter of my ancestry. But one of these days I would like to correct this. However, I don't have much in the way of room open in my schedule for next quarter. Fortunately GERMAN 150 exists, which would enable me to watch movies and magically learn to speak German, all while only taking a 2 credit class with no written work. This may or may not be too good to be true, so I'm turning to you fine folks to advise me in this regard. Has anyone here taken 150? If so, does it require a bit of pre-existing German to do decently in? And does it allow a fella to go on to 102 or another higher-level class for Winter quarter? And does the class consist of watching schiesse videos* or just wholesome kiddie German flicks (kinderfilmenflickenflargen, or something like that)? Any advice would be most appreciated.

*If you don't know what those are I don't want to be the one to tell you...
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hey, did anyone catch the show on the hub lawn?

Chali 2na & DJ Nu-Mark were excellent. I was happy Chali started off swearin' after the sanitized (but pretty obvious) set. Politics pretty much call for it these days. I've never seen Sleep, DV One or IME (?) before, but was duly impressed. The boys from J5 finally got the crowd up after some prodding. Short, but sweet set. You know we wouldn't just let them go without one more song. ..

Hi, my name's Forrest Baum. I went to the U. Took drama & various sciences.
Campus is always beautiful in the spring, but today I'm extra glad I dropped by!
Vote, y'all.

Need a rommate?

I have a friend who will be a junior next year and is looking for a roommate. She is 19 and currently going to school here at UW. She is looking for some one who needs a roommate for next year, starting around september. Please let me know if any of you are interested and i will exchange info with you. She has not had time to set up an account and asked me to post this for her. You can e-mail me at Thank you.