May 17th, 2004

Uploading Pictures in Europe

I am going to Europe for a month this summer and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions. I have a digital camera, but only one 256mb memory card. Does anyone know if it's common to have places upload pictures onto a cd for you at maybe a camera store or somewhere else? I'm only taking a backpack, so i really have no space, so the only possibility i have is to take a digital camera as opposed to one with film. If anyone has any suggestions, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
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commuter kids

Okay, I know a lot of questions are always asked about dorms, etc, but my question is actually about living far, far away from campus. I'm going to UW next year, but I will be commuting (by bus) from my home in Bellevue. For those of you who commute or commuted, do you find that it makes life harder? Were you able to participate in study groups or be involved on campus as much as you wanted? And how's bus service around campus?

C LIT 240 anyone??

~ I've registerd for C LIT 240 this fall, and I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me what I can expect out of that class.. I'll be taking it for the Composition credit instead of Engl. just cus, well, I'm guessing it deals with more int'l/cultural lit., which is intriguing to me.. "workshop in writing comparative papers..".. hope it's not too hard.. thnx
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Am I not looking hard enough, or am I correct in assuming that there are no ASL classes at the UW? Thanks in advance.
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