May 15th, 2004

getting an entry code?!?!..

~ Sorry, me again..So here's my deal, today is Sat, (no good I know), I'm finally registering for fall on Monday (with a dail up modem, damn), and I want to register for C Lit 240, but the one section I want (12:30) requires an entry code, the others don't, just that one class requires it! ah, theres no prof listed to email to ask for an entry code, no info listed at all for getting EC's as far as I have seen.. should I email the dept for now, register for a different section for the time being (8:30am is the only other one i take take, damn), and then hopefully switch sections once I get some info from the dept?.. thanx a bunch!.. oh and anyone know why they even require an EC for this one section in particular??

Graduate Housing Options

Hi, I'm Sean. I just decided to go to UW for graduate school, and I'm looking for housing. I'll be moving to Seattle in mid-September. I applied for grad student housing, but I've heard that the waiting list is rather long, and that I might not be able to secure a place until after the fall quarter begins. So, I'm trying to figure out what my options are. I'll be living on the grad student stipend, so I'm trying to find a place that is inexpensive. While I will have a car, I'm moving there from NYC, so I don't really care about noise, and small is totally okay. I do care about being close to everything as possible. I'd prefer to find a place without flying out to Seattle during the middle of the summer as well. I'd appreciate any advice you all could give me.... Thanks! ~CG