May 14th, 2004

crap! registration!!

~ So heres the deal: I have to go home Sunday to do stuff, and then Mon. morn I have to get my passport taken care of, like at 9am.. only problem: I register for fall Monday at 6am!! argh! and I only have dial up modem at home! ahh!.. I dunno if I'll be able to connect and register with such a crappy slow modem and such high volume of ppl on the registration site all at once, oy! and I dont have wireless internet on my laptop, either, otherwise I'd take it to starbucks or someplace to register, although starbucks does have some sort of wireless interenet or highspeed internet thingy in the stores.. I should call and check.. ahh.. any suggestions..?

(no subject)

Hi. My friend is debating between taking CHID 110 and C Lit 320 (European Lit). The professor for C Lit is Crnkovic and the professor for CHID 110 is Merrell. If anyone has taken any of these classes, she would REALLLYY appeciate any feedback on the work load, interest level, anything, cuz she has no idea. Thank you so much!

class suggestions..??

~ So I was thinking of taking a "C' credit class fall qtr to fullfill my english compostion credit.. and I like literature and all, but I cant decide btwn ENGL 111: literature or C LIT 240-.. I dunno how good I'll be with comparing pieces of literature though in C lit, C lit also deals with my int'l lit, which is cool I think, since I'm studying french and considering a French major.. no Prof's are listed as of yet either, any thoughts?!? thnx