May 11th, 2004

bouldering, nikki chau, joshua tree

Lost something?

There is a sports bra, beige and old looking, lying on the staircase in Suzzalo, 2nd floor.

FYI if you're missing something.

(Time like this when I wish I had a cam phone. Oddest thing to see, *ever*)

car stolen near UW - any help appreciated

my car was stolen sometime late Sunday or early Monday from the 17th and 47th area of the U-District, and i'd really appreciate it if someone has seen it and would let me know. it might have been dumped somewhere nearby . . . who knows? thanks in advance.

the car:

1990 Nissan Stanza Sedan
5-sp., dark grey, sunroof
'AEPi' and 'Whistler Canada' stickers on rear window
licence plate #: 876-PLZ
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