May 10th, 2004

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Spanish 301?

I was wondering if its worth it to take spanish 301 and if anyone has taken it that wasn't a spanish major. Right now I am struggling through 203 and I just dislike spanish more and more. I feel like the class moves through things too fast for me and I am not sure if 301 will be much better. I have talked to a "guidance counselor" and he suggests that I take 301 anyway. I still don't know what I want to major in and I'll be a junior next year. I would love to study abroad, but I didn't get into the Spain program which starts after 203. I feel like there is no hope to learn spanish for me anymore...
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hi. i am doing a story on frats and sororities for my high school newspaper and i was wondering if anyone in this community would be willing to give me some input. if you have been in one, are currently in one, or just even why you chose not to be in one, anything would be helpful. my email is thanks!
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[Topic: ASUW election]

I don't know who to vote for.

Sure, I've read the Voter's Guide. Yes I've gone to the web sites.

And of course all of their statements and promises sound good. But who can carry through? Who will actually make their promises?

Does anybody know more about these candidates and/or have any endorsements?

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"Your computer's network access has been limited to UW computing resources only. It got infected with a worm or virus, probably because it was missing one or more updates for your Operating System software. Our automated detection systems noticed that your computer was busily trying to infect others on the Internet, and that is bad."

Could they not think up a better adjective, or what???