May 7th, 2004

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End-of-the-year Cruising Fun Invitation

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears...
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69 feet of fun and pleasure
The Informatics Undergrad Assoc. is sponsoring an end-of-the-year party on a cruise, "69 feet of fun and pleasure," as the boat owner calls it.

You are invited to come out and party with us, and we're extending the invitation to friends and unmet-friends from other clubs and majors on campus (look, Ma, I'm coming out of my shell!)

If you applied to Informatics, this is your chance to meet current Informatics majors and alums. If you're thinking of Informatics you can come out say hi and see what it's about.

If you have *zero* idea what Informatics is, we're the so-called geeks studying Computer Human Interaction and Information Sciences (phew... out of breath), dwellers of MGH.

Our sister clubs are BITS (Biz school) and MUG (Mac User Group), and hopefully more tech clubs on campus next year, like SIGCHI and ACM UW student chapter, so if you're part of these clubs, you gotta come and represent!

So gimme the info already, you say... Aye, captain, here's what's up:

- Friday June 4th, 7:30pm boarding
- Tickets are $25 each (all goes towards the boat, none to us).
- Included: food, drinks, entertainment, and a grand tour of Lake Washington
- Bring a friend of a significant other, or that cutie you've meant to ask out ALL quarter
- NEW RULE 21+ to DRINK, otherwise, you can come and have a good time sans alcohol.
- Contact dragonc @ u. so I can send you the evite

I want to see the 69 feet of fun and pleasure!
And here you have it

Most. def. hope to see you there.
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End All Forms of Discrimination, Bigotry & Racism: Come out in Solidarity with Same Sex Marriage Rights on May 17th

On May 17, same-sex marriage is scheduled to be implemented in Massachusetts. Equal Marriage Solidarity is an ad hoc group calling for a national day of actions on May 17 in support of equal marriage rights and against all forms of discrimination, bigotry and racism.

Seattle, WA
Monday, May 17th, 5:00 pm
Rally Seattle Central Community College (Broadway and Pine)

Flyers for distribution (click for larger PDF image):

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"Now you can walk down the stree without stepping on the people who made your sneakers"

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In the Indonesia factory the workers who manufacture No Sweat Apparel earn 90$ a month (20% higher than minimum wage) and have full health benefits. (didnt see any articles that said otherwise) (they also have factories in Chicago and Pennsylvania.)

american fair trade clothes Read more...Collapse )


it's my fourth year and i'm barely closer to a career or a field that interests me than i was when i started.  i finally found some stuff that really interests me, but it's too late to major in it 'cause i'd have to spend two extra years.  i actually am staying for a fifth year, but the more i think about it, the more of a waste that seems like too.  i mean, how much use is a fucking certificate anyway?  it's just a glorified minor...

eh, i was just wondering if anyone else feels like they just wasted however many years and now it's simply too late to do something useful?  i feel like such a failure, i could use some commiseratin'.