May 5th, 2004


Filipino Night 2004

FASA at UW presents...

Filipino Night 2004: Burnt Grass
Friday, May 7th Doors Open at 6:15PM
Saturday, May 8th Doors Open at 1:15PM

$3 students
$5 general admission
Tickets available at HUB ticket office

The past two Filipino Nights sold out. DON'T WAIT!! Buy your tickets today!

For more info:


so i picked up the daily today, and saw this picture:

my first thought?  "so did they put all the chicks in front to make us think the college republicans aren't all just misogynistic gun nuts?" :)

anyway, i figure there gotta be some college republicans here, so i thought i'd ask: what is the gender ratio?
(i'm really not lookin' to start any rants & raves, the picture just made me wonder.)
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New Sketch Comedy show opens Friday

Hi everyone!

I’d like to invite you to our new sketch comedy show at a discount! Train of Thought > New York, opens this Friday, May 7th at Northwest Actor’s Studio, The Cabaret Theater: 3rd Floor @ 10 PM.

The Discount Part: Print out this LiveJournal post and get $2 off at the door! This offer is available to everyone, so be sure to pass it along to your friends! It’s valid May 7th, 8th, 14th and 15th only.

Train of Thought is the only sketch group that creates sketch comedy shows based around one word, in this case, New York! Come see the group The Seattle Sinner called “remarkable” and “well written, continuously hysterical and deeply intelligent". Full review here.

Plus, The Cabaret Theater features a full bar and all the seating is comfy couches and lounge chairs!

show details below the cutCollapse )

More information is available at

See you there!


PS: Of course, one per customer and all that.

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I know a good majority of you recieved this in you mailbox today, but im posting it cause i think the libraries deserve some props:

UW Libraries Best in Nation! Celebrate May 17
The University of Washington Libraries wins the Excellence in Academic
Libraries award from the Association of College & Research Libraries, the
highest honor an academic library can receive. Join the May 17
celebration on Red Square, noon - 1 p.m., with UW President Lee Huntsman,
Libraries Director Betsy Wilson, and the Husky Marching Band. Free