May 1st, 2004

Need a place to live July, August and/or September?

I have an apartment on 47th st and University avenue. It has two bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. My roommate will be unable to move in until september and so i need a roommate for July, August and Possible September. The rent would be 400/mo. Any additional costs would be tv, phone and internet, if you want. I need to find a roommate in the next two weeks. My name is Sarah Feldman, and i am currently a sophomore at UW. Please contact me if you are interested or need any other information. Thank you.
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is the liquor store in u village still open? i went by it on the bus early this am and it looked closed down somehow. where's the closest liquor store to the u district? (if it's closed)
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for all you suckers out there...

i am sick of spam. aren't you? so i decided to take matter into my own hands and fight back. Using <A href=Collapse ), i found that one of my spammers is sending junk through i forwarded the spam to and this is what i received from those fucking bastards.

sincerely my ass. if you are using comcast cable, shame on you because your fees are supporting idiots like these who make your life and my life miserable. i also complained to another service provider and they were a whole lot nicer.

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