April 26th, 2004



Shortly after 8, as I was getting off the 65 bus near the HUB, a young man handed me my wallet that I had dropped. In my Monday morning haze, all I said was, "Thanks."

I don't think I made it known how appreciative I am that he had picked it up for me and given it back to me. So in the hopes that he is in this community, THANK YOU!!!!!

-gal in the khaki skirt & white shirt
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(no subject)

Well, somehow between playing xbox live and my incessant cookie eating I managed to get myself onto the deans list. I was just wondering if anyone knew what the minimum gpa and any other requirement to get on this list was?

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Request for Opinions

I'm moving up to Seattle for grad school at UW and I was wondering what your opinions on different living arrangements are? Think I should try and gather some people together for a house near campus of what? Thanks.

I'm going to miss this nice Californian sun.