April 25th, 2004


I really hope someone can answer this!!

Okay, so let's say I'm a polisci/comm double major. There are a lot of classes that are variable credit (both comm and polisci). Does UW allow students to apply the same class toward two majors, or to a major and a minor? That would save me a ton of work and trouble, so I'm assuming that means it won't work :(
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Another E-mail Question...

So, I have 72% full and that's pretty bad. On webpine, I have deleted all junk mail and sent mail messages and try to keep my inbox down to 50 messages (which hasnt taken up much space in the past). However, on the details page, it still shows a large amount of material in the sent mail folder, which I feel that I have thoroughly deleted. I think its weird that I can't find where this stuff is and all the webpage on "cleaning out your email" says is that "some folders are non-standard" such as the sent mail folder and that "they cannot be viewed in webpine". So I guess I want to know where exactly to look to view them because I've looked on my mozilla email account and I can't find anything. I hope this make sense, I have thoroghly looked through all that the uw has written on their pages, but I can't seem to understand what I need to do. Thank you for your help.

The Marshal Needs an XBox Fund

Hey guys, I've got a new project I'm working on, in addition to my existing charities, the "Pool of Cranes Fund" and "Pennies For World Domination" I've got the newly created "Marshal Needs an XBox Fund." What I'm asking of you is to e-mail me codes from any Mountain Dew products that you drink (bottle caps and boxes have codes). My goal is to gather enough codes to earn me a free XBox console and game. As it is, I can't afford such ventures as a video game system, what with college and all, but I can afford free, and I drink Mountain Dew on a regular basis anyways, so I'm just putting those drinks to good use. C'mon guys, you just throw away those caps and boxes anyways, so why not help a nice guy out? Just e-mail the codes to me at marshn@u.washington.edu and feel free to spread the word to your friends and family and have them send me codes too. Allow the word to spread like wildfire. Thanks!

(no subject)

Has anyone here ever done the Hardship withdrawl due to a change in work schedule? I'm faced with the choice of losing my job, or sticking with my classes, and I need to eat. I've got the form and it looks like it's fairly straight forward, except there's this stuff about a "Hardship Withdrawl Board", and all this other imposing administrative speak. Has anyone ever been denied a HW?
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