April 24th, 2004

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Wow, it is almost time to register for autumn quarter?? Crazy...

I think it is about time I get my QSR requirement out of the way. So I was wondering: does anyone know of any super-easy QSR classes? My math skills are practically non-existent, and I would like it to knock out an NW requirement too, if possible.

If anyone has any suggestions for classes, or even certain profs. I would be forever grateful.


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I was just wondering if there were any Psychology and/or Business majors (preferably juniors and seniors) who'd be willing to give me advice on good classes or professors and just general help.
Please add me on AIM through my info list... Thanks!

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hey, does it cost to hand or fliers or anything in Red Square? i was walking through the UW Tacoma campus and someone was campaigning for ASUW there, she asked if i was a student, i said yeah but at the seattle campus, and she asked me if people had to pay to be able hand our fliers or what not, i said i didnt think so. i guess to be able to hand our fliers and stuff on the main Pathway area at the tacoma campus is $30 a day.

looking for a computer?!

Hello! My name is Shidon, I go to UW, and I am selling my practically new, only 4 month old Dell Dimension 4600C with 17" flat screen desktop! Reason? No it's not broken, and no i'm not displeased with it. I have decided to move to a laptop to better suit my needs. All the specifics are behind the cut, so please read on if you're interested!

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