April 22nd, 2004

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Lost keys

Hey peoples, I lost a set of keys today around 12:30 - 1 pm on the hub lawn. If anyone found them, I'd be happy to have them back...
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anyone see all the motorcycle cops lined up on campus? i asked one of them what they were here for and he said that they were the escort for Kagame, the president of Rwanda, he gave a speech to day about AIDS: http://seattlepi.nwsource.com/local/aplocal_story.asp?category=6420&slug=WA%20Glaser%20Rwanda

My dad listens to the BUZZ, and people saw the motorcade yesterday and were calling in asking what it was about but no one could find out. I wonder why it was so hush hush, accroding to the above article "Kagame became president of Rwanda in 1994, ending the 100 days of genocide" so i dont believe there would of been any revenge attacts. Anyone else have any ideas why it'd be so hush hush?