April 15th, 2004


Seattle Student Film Festival TODAY!

Satellites Film & Video Showcase presents the

Second Annual Seattle Student Film Festival

Thursday, April 15
5:30 and 8:00 pm
Consolidated Works (all ages)
$7 / $5 (students)

The University of Washington Film Club presents a selection of short films from current or recent students from around the Seattle area. Presenting a diverse selection of documentaries, animation and experimental films, in addition to narratives of all styles and genres.

For more information: (206) 381-3218

come have good times :-)


First Nations @ UW Powwow THIS weekend!

First Nations @ UW Spring Powwow
April 16-18, 2004
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
*Free Admission*
Hec Ed Pavilion

friday grand entry 6pm ...goes 'til 10:30pm
saturday grand entries 1pm & 6pm...powwow continues from 1pm to 10:30pm
sunday grand entry 1pm...'til 6'ish.

contact first nations @ uw

omega tetris

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I'm considering joining one of the martial arts clubs through the IMA. I'm not sure which one to join, though. Does anyone have any endorsements, warnings, or anything else that would be useful for me to consider?
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