April 8th, 2004

I just got accepted!

I can't believe it, I'm totaly shocked, mostly because I didn't think I had the grades.

I have to do some 5 week "Summer Bridge" program. Does anyone know what this is all about?

In any case, I'm really excited, since UW is a good school. =D
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Hi, *waves*

I have several questions:

I was accepted to UW and am strongly considering it for a number of reasons. However, I'm slightly concerned because I foolishly didn't read all the available programs that I could apply to and ended up choosing "undecided" where I will be at the "Arts and Sciences" program. If my intended major (which I have yet to decide) will *not* be "Arts and Sciences" how could I go about switching from this program to say, business school?

My second concern is the dorm-related. Does your roommate need to be in the same programs you're enrolled in? I have a friend who's doing a music major but I'm paranoid that I'll end up in a hall filled with late-night music from people practicing. I know we'll both be in the "Arts and Sciences," but room assignments aren't based on that, right?

Also, I read in the packet that I need to take math and language placement tests to be placed in a proper class? I'm slightly confused about this. Shouldn't the current math/language class be sufficient indication of what math level I should take?

Lastly, this might sound odd, but I know that some schools, particularly large ones, tend to treat students as "a number" because of the massive enrollment making it very difficult to set yourself apart. I was wondering if anyone attending/ed has ever felt this type of reception from staff members or upperclassmen.

I lied, this is the last question: what do you think UW offered you that was valuable and probably unlikely to gain from an alternative school?

Thanks for the help!

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hi my fellow students -
my friend from b'ham told me she saw on the news that uw is having a measles outbreak.. is this true?
i'm really sick right now, so i was just wondering if there is some sort of flu/cold on campus -cause i heard a lot of ppl coughing their lungs out during the last class i went to.
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I want to play some tennis TODAY and I have no balls but I have a raquet and such. I was wondering if anyone wanted to play at 1:30 down at the IMA. It's supposed to be a really nice day. I am going to be at class until 1:20, so email me at moskoj@u.washington.edu if you want to play and I will check really quickly at 1:20 when my class is over and then I am heading for the IMA.

Jazz Concert!

INNUENDO JAZZ @ Patti Summers tonight!

April 8, 2004, 7:30pm - 11:30pm (21 and over after 10pm)
$3 cover, $3 drinks minimum

Patti Summers: 94 Pike Street, Seattle, WA 98101

Gwen Bayly, soprano & alto saxophone
Lee Redfield, tenor saxophone
Sarah Nelson, trumpet
Conney Lin, keyboard & vibraphone
Jake Amster, bass
Tarik Abouzied, drums

star wars


does anyone know the difference between an assistant, associate, and "regular" professor? not that it's terribly important. i was just wondering.
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On the next episode of KCTS connects they're gonna be talking about college athletics and about the problems/issues they some schools have been having. The UW's acting athletic direct will be part of the panel.

Emmy award winning, KCTS Connects, hosted by Enrique Cerna, is a weekly exploration of news, politics and culture in the Pacific Northwest. This locally-produced current affairs show airs Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. You will find this hour-long series lively, entertaining, informative, relevant, creating a vital link to your community.

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So, I know that there is an avid group of climbers at UW. So, my question to any that may be of the livejournal forum is that I'd like suggestions for any good bouldering places for beginners anywhere on this here side of washington state. Or perhaps in northern Oregon? I just started awhile ago, and have been dying to break my daily habit of 9-5 that will surely be my death. Unwillingly.

Oh yeah. And 20 credits a quarter is already kicking my ass at the end of the 2nd week.
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