April 7th, 2004


It is quite annoying that the online resident hall applications STILL do not work. Weren't they supposed to fix the technical difficulties by last night at 6 PM?? Hmmm...

It isn't just me right? No one can do it yet...right?
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Biz books wanted

As the displeasure of losing my books sips on and the possibility of them having been stolen grows, I know I need to get over it and move on.

So, if you're a Biz student and you've got the following books:


I would like to buy them from you.

(And if you've seen two such books sitting somewhere, lonely without their rightful owner, please please please pretty please let me know? Lunch on me, or free beer? Free beef? Free weed? ;) just j/k, a poor attempt to cheer myself up, move along now...)
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Roommate Wanted

Hey UW'ers. One of our roommates here is going to be leaving at the end of April, and we are looking for someone to take his
place starting in May (though if you need to wait till June, that is also a possibility). The place is near UW
and is a pretty easy walk/bus ride to the University.

Here's a rundown:

Located at 65th and 21st NE in Ravenna, North of UW
3 bedroom/1 bathroom apartment
Water/sewer/garbage included in rent
DSL internet access also included in rent
Huge living room, dining room, and kitchen
Free parking
Washer/Dryer available in the complex
Right on the 71 bus route, near the 48,72,73,372, and 68 bus routes.

For more information, e-mail me at tranced@u.washington.edu or call (206)527-3188, or leave a comment here. Thanks to all who consider this!
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some silly questions

hello all, i'm currently a junior in high school in kentucky. a longass way away from seattle. ;)

anyway, i'm scoping out colleges and UW is currently my #1 choice, and i'm almost completely sure i want to apply there next year. mainly because i adore seattle (including the weather) and i just really want to live there. however, i have some concerns.

i guess my question is whether or not you'd consider UW worth paying out of state tuition. i've heard great things about it, but at the same time, it IS a state school, so i don't know. i guess i want to hear from some current out-of-state-ers about that.

and also, considering i'll be coming from so far away, i'd most certainly have to live in the dorms for my first year at least. would it be absolutely ridiculous of me to bring a car with me? i know i've read a lot about it being "unnecessary" because of the bus systems and whatnot, but, well, i love my car. and i don't want to be without it, because being alone in a fairly large city with no car makes me nervous. plus i have family in sacramento, and i'd like to have the liberty to make the twelve-hour roadtrip if i decided to. am i just being stupid, or would i actually be able to have my car on campus without seeming like a fool? and if i bring it, will i really be able to PARK it anywhere? i've heard that parking is a big problem at UW.

and... yeah. thanks.
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