April 4th, 2004

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I was accepted to the UW for fall 2004. I'm from LA and have never been to Seattle. I hear it rains a lot, and being from Southern California, that doesn't exactly sound appealing. Is the weather bearable? How's the social scene in Seattle- is it anything like LA with the big city atmosphere where there's always something to do? Does anyone have any information about the marching band and concert band? How is Greek life there? What housing would you recommend? How is the pre-med program? My first choice school was USC, but I got rejected. I've heard that UW is just like USC with the alumni support and networking, good athletics, and all of the school spirit- is this true? Thanks for your help!


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Can anyone help me out with advice on any of these three classes? I just want to know if the class was easy/hard, interesting/useless, etc. Thanks!

Philosophy 115 Practical Reasoning
Atmospheric Science 101 Waether
African American Studies 100 Introduction
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North Campus Dorms

So I realized that applications for dorms next year start tomorrow, so I've been freaking out about where I want to live next year. I've narrowed it down to north campus, south campus just seems far away from stuff.

Could anyone give me their opinions about this and what they think about each respective dorm and which is best?
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