April 2nd, 2004

RE: Yesterday's April Fools C&C Joke

Yesterday I posted an April fools entry regarding piracy on the UW campus... for some reason somebody thought it was real, and thought it was necessary to inform the UW about it. I just want to make it clear that it was a joke between a friend and me, and I just posted it to share the joke. I can't see how any harm was done, seeing as I was the only person that was actually "pranked", I could have just as easily have made up the email and posted it to livejournal. My friend is fairly worried right now because people took this too seriously, even though nobody else was intended to get the joke.

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A call to all UW Tacoma Students.

I commute to UW Seattle, and live in the pierce county, I go by bus, but the U-pass doesn’t work on pierce transit. And the application for the UW Tacoma flex pass says that I have to be a UW Tacoma student to be able to purchase one. (if this is not true please let me know)

I was wondering if im not able to buy one from the UW Tacoma cause I go to the Seattle campus, if I gave you the money if you would buy one for me, because a monthly pass from pierce transit costs 45$.