April 1st, 2004

PSYCH majors

I'm thinking about majoring in psychology and was wondering how hard it is to be accepted since its competative. Do only a small percentage get accepted? or like half? or most? And it says that I need a 2.5 in psych 101, 202 and 209, but should I really have like a 3.0 average or something in those classes? And how important is the UW cumulative? Any answers would be helpful, thanks in advance.

U-district Sublet.

Need a place to stay for the summer near UW?

I've got to leave for the summer months, leaving behind a lease that ends on September 30th. The place is on the corner of 55th & 20th, ten blocks North of campus right on the 74 busline (takes you directly to The Ave and then Seattle Center) with free parking, chill housemates, and a three minute walk to a gorcery store.

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