March 31st, 2004

Eyes & Dental Recs?

Okay, so I went ahead and bought the annual UW health insurance so I'm covered til fall. Thanks to those of you who commented about it.

Now does anyone have any suggestions for WHERE to go to for the eye exam & contacts (I'm borderline astigmatic)? The Ave would be very convenient..are Davis or Eyes Rite any good? There's a coupon for Eyes Rite that looked like it might offset the cost.. Or should I go further afield? I have a car, so I'm willing to drive if someone can recommend an excellent place.

How about a dentist for teeth cleaning and maybe some cavity drilling? How's the UW Dental clinic? Roosevelt clinic?

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(no subject)

Hello, I am currently going to a local community college and once i get my AA there (which will be another year) I will try transferring to UW to get my BA.

Is there anything I should be doing now/soon that would help my chances of getting into the UW, aside from getting a high gpa? This is a great concern to me since they have raised the bar and aren't accepting as many transfers as they used to..


Intro post

Hello, I just accepted the iSchool's offer to join their Master of Library and Information Science, so I'll be at UW in the Fall. My alma mater was the University of Minnesota, so I guess I'm touring all of the really large campuses across the country ;) I'm really looking forward to the program and attending UW in general.

I guess that's it. Hi!
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Swimming partner wanted! [x-posted to snowfreak]


My name's Keith, and i'm looking to get back into competitive swimming. I swam all the way through high school, and I swam with a group called Husky Masters during fall quarter, but then during winter quarter my work schedule conflicted too many times and i lost motivation...

What i'm asking for is ANYONE (male OR female, the team is co-ed) who is interested in competitive swimming and would be willing to come swim with me and we can help keep one another motivated. I know that i work much better and will be much more successful if i have another person there with me.

The Husky Masters team practices in the Pavillion Pool (next to the IMA, not the IMA pool) around 5:40-7pm (this could have changed since i stopped going, but it's unlikely). The cost is either a flat fee of $30 a month, or a drop-in fee of $5 each time you go. There is also a one-time fee to register with US Masters Swimming of $35. Experience levels vary a lot, so don't worry if you feel like you're too slow (or too fast, for that matter).

Please get ahold of me with any questions and such here, or email me at - i look forward to hearing from you! :D

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7 of my friends and I are renting a house on 52nd and 19th and 4 of us are moving home for the summer. is anyone looking for a place to stay just for the summer?

heres the info:

-4 rooms available as soon as spring quarter is over
-lease ends at the end of august
-$410 a month
-close to campus!

anyone interested??? holla back!