March 30th, 2004

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English Major in McMahon/North Campus?


I wanted to know if anyone with an english major might want to look over an essay I wrote which is only 250 words. Its for a scholarship so I want it to be really good!! Anyone who lives in McMahon, Haggett, McCarty, or Hansee with an english major would really help. Thank you for your time.

Oh, and by the way, I would have gone to the writing center, however they don't open until next week and the application is due next week....

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Does anyone know of some caves around Seattle? If it's the kind you need rapelling type gear for, please specify. Would prefer the ones you can just crawl/walk around in.

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When I did a quarter abroad last year, I found out too late that I could have applied for a $500 scholarship with no financial pre-reqs. Since I qualify for no financial aide whatsoever I didn't even think to look, nor would I even know where to start. I'm trying to do another study abroad this summer quarter, and was wondering if there were any non-income-based scholarships that would apply to a C-term (one month) program (or, conversely, if anyone knows where I could even start looking, that would be helpful, too. I haven't made it over to advising in Mary Gates to ask yet). As I said, I don't qualify for financial aide (although study abroad is a big financial burden) so any requirements would have to be grade-based. Thanks for any help!

spanish 103 manual

does anyone have the spanish 103 manual? there's none at the bookstore and there is homework from that book, so i was wondering if anyone had the manual and if so, if i could meet them somewhere on campus with access to a copy machine (odegaard, suzallo)? it'll only take a couple of seconds... can anyone help? you can give me a time and place too... i'll be checking this thing every so often. thanks
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i was just wondering if anyone has the same classes as me.. i heard u can use u-match or something, but since i'm already on here , i'd thought i'd at least try.
i have sis 202, econ 200, and japanese 213---

happy first week of school!!
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buy my books!

okay folks i'm a bit late on posting this, but i have some books i'm selling for really good prices.

Chemical Principles (4e 02)
Good for Chemistry 142,152,162
UW bookstore is selling it for $99 used, MY PRICE $80 AND STUDY GUIDE IS FREE ($31.35 value) (i might still have the cd as well and i'll throw that in there if i have it!)

Physical Anthropology (8e 02)
This book is good for Prof. Miller's class
UW bookstore price is $53.85, my price is only $30.00

Books are in good condition, and have some highlighting in them. The study guide has some writing in it, but it's free so hey no worries! Get in contact with me via livejournal if you want to buy any of these books! thanks