March 26th, 2004

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For a number of different reasons I'm considering taking the quarter off, but I heard that if I do then in Autumn quarter than I will be last to register(even after the incoming freshman) because I'll be a returning student. Is that true? Also, if I do summer quarter then will I get to register in the fall not as a returning student?
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UW Student Accident and Sickness Insurance?

Hey all,

I'm a transfer student transferring in for this spring quarter. I do not have insurance and haven't had any for a year or two. I'm playing soccer, so I really do need coverage.

Do any of you have the Student Accident and Sickness insurance?

I notice that it does not cover "Vision services and supplies related to eye refractions or eye examinations, eyeglasses or contact lenses or prescriptions or fitting of eyeglasses.." among other things.

I need an eye exam, a new prescription for contacts, and teeth cleaning, with possible drilling for cavities.

Is there better insurance that someone can recommend, or are these types of things just things you have to pay out of pocket?

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Become a Global Leader through AIESEC!

Network with companies, and develop hands-on skills for your career!
Experience other cultures and gain international perspective!
Do all this while helping to unify the world!
Join the network of 50,000 students globally!

Member Recruitment Info Session:
March 31st, 7:00 PM @ Thomson 211
April 7th, 7:00 PM @ Thomson 211

Any questions, concerns?

Erica Kim
Enterprise Program
AIESEC Seattle
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Text book sale

I've tried every possible way (except the bookstore), but I still have my old books! So, pay attention:

Econ 300 Microeconomics, An integrated approach, BESANKO $75

Accounting 215, Sefcik's class - You need to buy 'a lot' of supplmentary stuff, I'll sell them for a dollar lower than what it sells in the copy shot. E-mail me,
and we'll talk.

That will be all. THANK YOU!!
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Anyone want to sell some sociology books?

Hi all,

I'm registered for PHIL 112 Phil & Env Studies (please let this be an interesting class), SOC 220 Intro Soc Methods, SOC 270 Social Problems.

Does anyone have experience with any of these classes? I'm hoping the SOC 220 won't be too much of a pain in the butt. It and the SOC 270 are required for entrance into the Sociology program.

For that reason, I'm asking: if any of you have texts for these classes and want to sell them, please contact me at



I'm a recently graduated UW student who is looking for a place to stay from mid June to mid August. My husband and I are looking for a 1-bedroom place that we could take over for you for these months, for less than $700/month. Greenlake/Greenwood would be ideal, but if you have a place in the U-District, Northgate or Capitol Hill, that's fine too.
We are responsible to a fault, non-smokers and have no pets (we don't mind having them around though!)
We have an excellent rental history, and both have full-time jobs.
Please email me at morgyne at u dot washington dot edu or leave a message in my LJ if you can help us out!

Thanks so much!
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I was accepted into UW and sent in the confirmation paper slip, but I was wondering if I still need to give them a copy of my final transcript. I'm running start and have already completed all my core classes. I recently registered for two classes that were different than the classes that I originally put on my application because I realized that I loved learning about political science, and would rather take those classes than biology. Anyways, will this make any difference? I don't want them to think that I lied on my application by putting really hard looking classes on it to make me look better.


i'm going to uw in the fall. could any body help me decide which dorm to stay at? i only know the names and what hfs has on its website.

thank you.

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Any takers??

Is there anyone out there in AA 101 that has section on Wed 230-420 and would like to switch for my secton on Thurs 123-220??!! I'm desperate and will do ANYTHING for someone to switch.. ok not anything.. but if you're willing to trade, please post ASAP. Thank you =)