March 25th, 2004


Hi everyone. For all of you who took Linguistics 200 winter quarter, what did you get? Oh, and does anyone know the class average for Biological Anthropology 201 winter quarter?
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missing grade

bad news:
i still don't know my grade for physics 121 Efimov. i thought the grades were due yesterday. does anyone have any idea why efimov hasn't posted grades yet?

good news:
i am officially of sophomore status.
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Hello! Name's Bonnie, and I'm a junior at Sehome High in Bellingham. I'm college hunting, and I figure the best way to find out specifics on colleges is to go to the students themselves. LJ seemed like the best way to do this. I know that I want to be either a Foreign Language Major or a Music Major, and I was wondering what kind of info people at UW could give me on these departments. Thanks a bunch!