March 24th, 2004


Winter quarter grades..??

What's going on with grades this quarter?? I've seen lots of complaints that grades are way below expected. I'm still trying to figure out how I got a 2.3 in Math 324 when I got B's on all the test and HW.

And my Math 308 isn't even posted yet. What's the deadline for that?
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Here's another grade-related post for you all...

So my chem grade is ridiculously low...still above a chem-average, but to close to the high end for how I did all quarter. Is there any way to find out what the average was set to? I remember seeing somehwere that the whole department has a rule the average has to fall 2.6 +/- how do I find out if it was set to the lower end and is there any way to complain about a low average on account of how it royally screws up gpa's and how it looks to programs?

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i have a question... i've been downloading files off of winmx, avi files... they won't play... the audio goes just fine, and it appears to load the video, but nothing but the first image... suggestions on codecs? or what other problem this could be? any suggestions appreciated

Shoe Search

Is there a shoe store within walking distance of the University, besides the pricey Nine West store in University Village? I need some cheap but businessy shoes, before Friday.
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online classes

I'm having a hard time with the registration process this quarter and after having class only 3 days a week last quarter I'm not looking to commute 5 days a week. So is it possible to take all online classes? And how would I go about signing up for them?
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