March 13th, 2004

Textbook Swap

Just wondering if anyone's willing to trade me the textbook for Math 308 this quarter, for either some quantity of money we can work out later, the current textbook for Math 307 or for 324. If anyone's interested, just say so and I'll provide contact info.

Classics 210 Books

Well, since someone asked about Classics 210 earlier, I hope maybe there's someone out there who wants to buy all my books from the class off me. Normally, I hold on to the various pieces of literature I have to buy for classes, but after this quarter, I honestly don't see picking any of these up again for any reason. Anyway, leave me a message here, via email, or message me. All my info is here.
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I would kill for some eggs and toast right now

Where the FUCK am I supposed to eat breakfast before an 8:30 Saturday final? I'm starving and McMahon doesn't open until 8 a.m. I guess I should have enough time to go there, eat real quick, and run to Balmer, but that doesn't sound like the best way to get mentally prepared for a test. Fuck HFS and all their bullshit. It's just silly to run a huge college campus without a single 24-hour eatery, and it's cruel to not feed students before finals. Why does it always feel like HFS is trying to take as much money from us and offer as little service as possible?
what the fuck?

(no subject)

the colors on the reg. stickers for this quarter are actually kinda nice! i was convinced that they simply found the most disgusting color combo EVER and put that into the reg. stickers... but they're an orangey-pink and a nice bright blue! :D

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Textbook for sale

Is there anyone who is taking Biology 354: Evolution and Systematics spring quarter who has not bought their textbook yet?

The book required for the course is by Freeman (UW prof who also wrote the biology book) and it is a new edition. A new copy is $90 and if you are lucky enough to get one of the few used ones, it is still $70. Do you really want to pay that much for a book you only need for 3 months?

I have a older version of the book (v2, not the newly required v3). I used it this last quarter with no problems. Some of the chapters have different numbers than the current version, but there is no new information that the class requires you to know that v2 doesn't have. The book is in good shape with minimal highlighting. I can't sell it to the Bookstore and I want to be rid of it. Anyone who wants to pay $25 for it can have it. (I figure you will lose more than that in buyback, even if you start with a $70 used book.)
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hi, help

for people in 2nd year japanese:

if there is anyone out there at all who can possibly switch sections with me, i am at QA (9:30) needing to get into QF (12:30), please email me at cheryln@u.wa.. its not that i'm lazy, there's just a class in my major that i would like to take that has opened up and its during QA's time. feel pity on me, please.