March 11th, 2004

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what to do with my husky card...

hello there. i read something a while ago on the uw website about having to turn in your husky card once you graduate, but i haven't been able to find it since. i'm graduating this quarter, so i need to find out what to do + where to do it asap. anybody out there know? thanks!

Free punchcard

Hey, anybody a regular at the Design Cafe in the Architecture building? I just had my last class there, and I've got a punchcard with 5 of the 10 boxes filled. If you want it, I'll be working 1:30 to 9 at the Tully's on the Ave. (47th & University Way)

Just find me -- Kendra (the red-haired barista) and ask for the card. No strings attached! You don't even have to buy a drink. :)

I just don't want the card to go to waste when it's only 5 drinks away from a free one! :)
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Has anyone ever gotten something from the National Society of Collegiate Scholars? I received a letter from them today saying that I'd been nominated for membership and I just wanted to know if any of you have ever accepted. Thanks!
Doofus power!
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You so fugly

I love spring in Seattle!

But what I don't like is the massive amounts of bugs that come with it, nnggg :o/. Anyone know where I can get a venus fly trap on the Ave?
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