March 9th, 2004

Poli Sci 202: American Politics

Hey, I'm currently signed up for Pol S 202: American Politics, but I'm thinking of dropping it in favor of SIS 202: Cultural Interactions if it opens up. Does anyone know anything about either class? any input would be much appreciated. Also, while I'm at it, has anyone taken Phil 112? What's it like? Thanks!
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Everyone remember the post a few days about about the DormAngels website in The Daily?

Well the owner of the website made a comment and responded to a lot of people, but not directly. I think with him in the action, it might bring up a very interesting debate.

CHECK IT OUT and scroll down to see his entries, he is dormangels

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Hi. My friend is taking chem e 260 (thermodynamics) next quarter. Right now, he is in the 1230 lecture but he desperately need to switch to the 1030 lecture because the 1230 lecture conflicts with the RA class he is required to take next quarter in order to be an RA next year. Is there ANYONE out there willing to switch from the 10:30 to the 12:30 class??? lemme know! thanks! :)