March 8th, 2004

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Yay Spring :-)

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its so nice out. too bad im stuck inside writing a lil essay, more incentive to get it done fast i guess.

in the bottom right corner you can see part of a group of students. they are in that speech class or something, the one who at the end of every corner has public speaking like speech/rallies in red square. anyone know which class that is?

computers at UW

as i sit in odeegard, watching people scramble to find computers, finally finding a computer myself that works after three tries, i wonder why i always see computers that are not working or can't log you on, or whatever problem they may have... does anyone know why so often there are broken computers in the libraries, mary gates, etc? doesn't our technology fee pay for stuff like to to not happen? or are there other factors like viruses...
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So I've never read the bible and want to. What version should I read?

Also I want to read the Kuran. Are there different versions of it too?