March 5th, 2004

Stupid Decisions Supposedly Smart People Make

Dear Image-Driven, Gullible Person and Family:

You have been recognized as in the top 15% of your academic class, therefore, would you be so stupid as to pay us so that you can write down the name of this organization Golden Key National Honor Society on your resume, even though you will likely not get involved with the organization, not take advantage of any of our stupid offers, and can simply have the university verify you are amid the top 15% or simply let your GPA and legitimately valuable learning experiences stand for themselves.

Thank you.

UW Vocal Jazz concert!!

Hey! Looking for something to do tonight?

Come support the UW Vocal Jazz Ensemble and UW Women's Vocal Jazz!

When: Friday 3/5, 7:30
Where: Brechemin Auditorium, Music Building
How much: $5 student/senior, $8 general public
Who: YOU!!

Sets will include Itty Bitty Blues, Good Bait, East of the Sun, Inchworm, You Are the One, What You Don't Know About Women, and much more!!

So bring your friends/lovers/family/yourself/whoever, and come and enjoy a nice, intimate concert!

See you there!