March 2nd, 2004

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I have an add code for anth 469: special topics medical anthro. it says that i cant sign up for it using the internet, so i'll have to go to the dept office. the thing is, it says no freshman or sophmores, and im a sphmore. Do i have to get a special add code or something? I didnt see any special notes about having to register via the dept office or anything, just that add codes are needed, and i have one.

nevermind im dumb
Gaz: People are strange

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Every Tuesday at 11.30 I have statistics in Kane 120. For some reason, our section of 30 people was put into a 200 seat lecture hall. The end result is that 15 minutes before our class is over, students from the next class start filtering in to sit down. No matter how quiet they are, they still have to open and close the doors, put down their bags, take off their jackets, put up the folding desks, and settle in. Often they open their bags to pull out textbooks or hw to work on. All while my TA is trying to explain to us about variance, bonferroni, and main effects of interaction.

Is it just me, or is this incredibly rude?
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Does anyone know how to make pictures small enough to make them icons? The icon I have now was taken from someone else and since no one seems to like it, I want a new one, preferably a pic of me or something, but I don't know how to do that.