February 29th, 2004

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Overloading for Com 202?

I was wondering if anyone knows how to get into Com 202. Unfortunately as of right now, there is one spot left and I don't register until Tuesday this week. I was wondering how I could get in. I am currently taking Com 201 right now and I am very interested in Comunications. I am of sophomore standing, but apparently that's not good enough right now... sigh... I wanted to take three specific class this quarter: Com 202, Soc 270, and Span 203. Now, if I can't get into Com, I am wondering what else to take. I've taken everything from ESS 101 to Drama 101, so any suggestions would be appreciated. I don't like math or any science that is math-like.
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PSYCH 101 Yea o Nay?

Another question for registration. I've heard good and bad things about psych, so I am a bit wary. 101 has two professor teaching different sections Osterhout and Passer. The evaluations look pretty good, so I am thinking that they are okay. Any info. would be appreciated.

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Really quick -

I'm registering tomorrow morning, and have a really important question. I'm taking the first intro class to Econ and the only profs are :

Lin Chen, Jaerang Lee, Xuan Tian

Because Silverberg(sp?) is not teaching it this quarter, and most people I talked to were pretty happy with him and suggested taking it from him...I'm not sure at all which prof. to take the course from.

Who do you suggest? or: Have you taken a course from either of those three, and what did you think of them?

Thanks a lot,

Apparently Leffler is teaching it.
And he/she has some really poor reviews, so I'm even less sure than before.
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I was thinking about taking music 120 and was wondering what other people thought about it. I already know a lot about music and I'm worried that I'll get really bored. Should I avoid the class? Also, if I take the class I'd like to take the writing link and was wondering if it was good. Thanks for the input!