February 27th, 2004


seminars spring quarter

I've been looking for 1 to 2 credits seminars I can take for next quarter. I've done the GED search but didn't come up with anything interesting or that i could take. I know there's more seminars than those just on GED search... does anyone know of a website... or a place on myuw i can search... or just have any recommendations?
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class registration

I need a freshman to register for art classes for me (for some stupid reason, intro art classes are only open to freshmen right now)....as a junior I can maybe register for something for you (say, upper division philosophy? or anything else) and then we can swap?

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A few questions about residence halls:

-I heard that there is a new system being implemented for Fall 2004 in housing assignments. Does anyone know about that?

-The housing app. for the previous quarters has asked about smoking, quiet and lights preferences; are there any dorms that people with a preference are sent to? Like, one dorm being the "quiet" dorm, etc.

-Any tips on living in the dorms? Enlighten me.

Also, if any of you don't mind me picking your brain on other topics about UW (I know it's annoying to have people constantly asking questions about dorms and homework and admission policies) please let me know so we can talk over email or AIM.

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I'm a freshman at the UW and in high shcool I did wonderfully in all of my classes, once I got here however it was a whole new ball game. I find that I miss the smaller class sizes and that the tests are harder, while counting for more. I was expecting this to some extent, but this is somehow more. A lot of the research and studying that I've done, aren't counting for a whole lot and the CLUE sessions are useless.

Well, I'm registering for classes for Spring, and I don't know what it is that I want to take. I have a variety of interests, primarily relating to: International Studies/ Comparative History of Ideas/ Political Science/ Philosophy/ and Art, etc....

Because I am a creative person, what I am looking for in a class, is one that has more to do with hand's on work and homework (rather than just multiple choice tests). Preferably something that isn't just a lecture of 300, but more of a debate type class, that focuses on our reactions and debates rather than just a regurgitation of a professors words on a test. I am a fast reader and don't mind doing a great deal of reading and/ or writing. Does anyone have any suggestions for classes that might be right for me?


Wow, so tonight I am going to try sushi for the very first time in my life*, and I want to make it cool and in the u-district! I'm looking for something with good atmosphere, medium price, and tasty. I'd love your opinion.

I know this may have come up before, but I couldn't find it! Thanks you guys.

*I'm 21, and have lived in Seattle for 3 years. isn't that messed up?!
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History's not my forte...

Does anyone have any suggestions for any good, fun, interesting I&S classes? I'm not too keen on society and history so I haven't taken any classes that have covered this credit. I know reading is basically inevitable--I wouldn't mind a class with some writing. I was looking for something that involves homework and/or projects...I wouldn't trust myself in a history class with my grade based solely on exams, oi. Any suggestions are welcome.

Also, I was looking at ANTH 209: Anthropology through Visual Media and it sounded interesting, but I hear that anthropology in general is pretty hard...? Has anyone taken that class or had Yum as a prof? Will I survive not having taken any anthropology classes at all?

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Hey UW Community!


I'm just a petty observer, been meaning to get into UW for 2 years now, but they kept saying it's over-enrolled. Last year, they lost my application for some reason so I had to re-apply. So, I'll be defered to Autumn 2004.

Planning to Major in General History and Minor in Asian Arts. (Planning to be a teacher) Yup...

For now, I'm just working and save up some cash. I live all the way in Renton and commute to Northgate Mall for work by bus...yup...no car...:(

I work at Island InkJet kiosk by the foodcourt, filling old ink cartridges.

Hope to be a Husky later this year! ;)