February 26th, 2004



Hey guys, I'm looking for the simplist quantitative and symbolic reasoning course out there, and I'm thinking of taking ASTR.

So, anybody know if 101 is better or worse than 150? 101 is being instructed by Larson and 150 by Smith.

What is the math involved like? I quit doing it after high school, so I'm wondering if I can pull it off

Otherwise, any suggestions for an interesting, do-able QSR 5'er?
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i just got accepted into univ of washington. i'm not sure if i want to go. right now i'm a senior in a southern california high school. any responses/opinions/personal advice/experience would be appreciated, especially concerning:

-weather? does it really rain just about every day? is it depressing?
-is it a commuter school? i have no car or license
-are there many worthwhile professors/classes?
-music scene?
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Okay, I've gotten mixed reports.

Exactly how BAD is CSE 142?

...I'm wondering if I'll be able to take 4 classes (18 credits) w/ the CSE workload, or if I should take it easy and only do 13--
CSE 142, PHYS 114, and an English class.

Any thoughts? Is programming going to kill me??? I'm not BAD at math, it's just not my favorite thing.