February 25th, 2004

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I have a huge favor to ask of all of you. As part of my research project
concerning nutrition knowledge for my Consumer Behavior class, my partner
and I have developed an online survey. So, if you spare three or four
minutes to fill out the survey, it would be a HUGE help for me and I
would really REALLY appreciate it. You can access the survey by clicking
on this link: http://webq.catalyst.washington.edu/survey.cgi?user=amandaeb&survey=2.
Or you can also copy and paste it into your browser.

If possible, please fill out the survey by this Friday (Feb. 27th) as I
will be spending the weekend analyzing the data (which, I must say, is an
excellent way to spend one's weekend. Ha.).

Thanks so much!
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Preachers in Red Square

Why has the guy with the sign that says "Homosexual activity will send you straight to hell!" not been thrown off campus yet? He's been here for hours. I saw campus security by him earlier but they just left him alone. Why is it okay for him to preach hate on campus? If it was an ethnic group that he was singling out would it be different?
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**Frybread Sale**

WHAT: Frybread Sale
WHEN: This Thursday, Feb. 26, 10:30 AM-2:00 PM
HOW MUCH: $3 each
BY WHO: AISES (American Indians in Science and Engineering Society)
WHY: To Raise Money for Nationals

So come get some fresh, hot frybread w/jelly, peanut butter, honey or plain
butter for lunch or a snack, while helping AISES get to Nationals!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact AISES at