February 23rd, 2004

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Chain of Command?

Does anyone know what the administrative chain of command is (or where I can find this information)?

I am writing to express my support for a particular professor during a pivotal point in this person's career, and would like the head honcho-type folks to know how great this professor is.

So far I'm writing to the dept chair; who else might be important to include?

(I'm hoping this post isn't too ambiguous).

Thanks! :)

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Car for sale

i have a 95 saturn w/ lots of extra stuff (exhaust, rims, custom performance spark plugs and coil packs, underbody neon, neon pedals, skull headlights, custom lighting, brand new auto tranny). Selling for best offer. obo the reason i am selling it so cheap is because i am moving and need the money. Let me know if anyone wants it. Best Offer.

1996 Suz ES500 1000 miles for sale

This is a really nice motorcycle, mint going for $3000 if anyone is intersted let me know.
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Spain, accomodation

My host family in Spain is unable to have me for the month of April. ay! Have any of you spent an extended period in a country and have any suggestions as to what I should do at this point? Hosteling for a month is a little pricey, so staying with a family would be ideal. Maybe you know a family that you stayed with who would be happy to take in another student this time around? oh man, I leave in a month... perhaps working on an organic farm...? I'm up for any ideas. thanks much :d
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Study Abroad?

I have a question about studying abroad. Does anyone know of any spanish programs, besides Cadiz and Oaxaca, where you can study in a spanish-speaking country during Winter quarter, and if not, during Spring Quarter? I am thinking about applying to Cadiz anyway, but if I go, I won't have any housing when I get back... Any information would be appreciated...
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