February 22nd, 2004

ART H 203

I'm thinking I wanna take ART H 203 (survey of western art: modern) to bump my credits up to 18 next quarter and get yet another prereq out of the way.

I really love art history, but I was wondering exactly what is expected in this class. A lot of reading....? What kind of difficulty are we talking here?

I don't want it to put me in over my head, considering I'm probably taking other classes that are gonna suck. Any insights?
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Dorm Distress!

Why does McMahon hall not have screens for the windows in the dorm rooms?? They have screens in Terry-Lander... I just get really annoyed when I find several ladybugs crawling around my room and then all of a sudden they fly around all crazily. Ugh, it scares the shit out of me! Grah! Does anyone else have this ladybug problem??
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