February 21st, 2004

devil sleep

ME 123, ARCH 251, or COM 271?????????

Does anybody have any idea about what "ME 123" class is going to be like? Apparently given my schedule for the spring quarter, I think I only have 3 classes (ME 123, ARCH 251, and COM 270) that I can take to fulfill the 3 VLPA or 5 I&S credits that I need for graduation. Any comments anyone?
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[Topic: Last minute party call]

10741 17th ave NE
Near Northgate.

Come say hello/goodbye/good luck to me. Come teach me some Spanish phrases. Come say Happy Birthday to Dan. Come say hello to Chuck and steal his Beirut throne, whatever. Just come out and play with us.

i like it here
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my dad is desperate for a ticket to the march 6 game against stanford. is it really sold out? if students can still get tickets how would i go about getting one for my dad? any info would be appreciated.