February 20th, 2004

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Hi, for spring quarter, i am registering for chem 239, chem 242, genome 371, the RA class, and i want another 4 or 5 credit class to get me up to 18 or 19 credits. I am looking for a reallllllllllllllly easy vlpa or i&s class ( i have a million NW) so i was wondering if anyone has ANY suggestions. Just something that is easy, i can get a 4.0 in with effort and vlpa/i&s. I have already taken classics 101 and 205, psych 101, geog 100, scandinavian sexuality and 4.0ed those, so something along those lines...the less effort required, the better :) thanks!


another question about registration... i looked to find the limit for how many credits i can register for, and i coudln't. I know that tuition has an extra charge for credits over 18. But i want to register for 19, and a while ago, i heard that after a certain number of credits, id have to wait till after period I was over to register for the rest. Anyone know where i can find this information? Thanks!

high schooler asking annoying questions per usual...

II have a question that I hope someone here will be able to answer. I applied to UW w/ an online application, and I have been checking MyUW perodically for updates. For the past month or so it said my app. was in the "preliminary review" stage or something like that, and now it says this:

"Your application has been reviewed. All applicants are informed of admission decisions by mail when results of the review process become available."

Can someone please translate that for me? Does that mean they are close to sending me their decision? Any info would be helpful. Thanks.