February 19th, 2004

  • tracher

3-way CTF weekend!

Yup, we're trying 3-way Capture the Flag again this Saturday. It went pritty well last time, but we've made some minor alterations in hopes of some improvement.

The funny neutral zone rule has been discarded, and the jail for the guthrie team has been moved to the west side of the physics building.

So that's Saturday Night (2/21/04), 10:30pm at Drumheller Fountain. We need lots of people to make this map work well, so bring out all your friends and floor-mates!

Capture the Flag!
  • arduus

(no subject)

Has anyone taken a class, such as QMETH 201, taught by Professor Hirokuni "Kim" Tamura in the Business School?

Any comments on this professor and his style?

Thanks in advance.