February 17th, 2004

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I've been trying to find a decrepit (but warm) basement apartment to fulfill the urges of the college student romantic in me. I'd even go for the old-lady-runs-the-crumbling-Victorian-over-in-that-corner-with-a-room-for-rent type deal. However, I can't find any such places in the Daily. Does anybody know any places like this in Wallingford or Ravenna or the District? Perhaps you passed it by and saw the old lady fixing the cardboard sign on the front window?

Keep it real plz thx.
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Don't be fooled by the name (Chinese Business & Culture Association). It's not just for Chinese but rather focuses on the Chinese variant of Business & Culture! We already have 101 members and of that, at least 20+ members are non-Chinese.

It's the perfect way to build your connections early to prepare yourself for the corporate world.

Here's more Information on our first event:


This event will be featuring a couple of well known guest speakers in their respective industries. One of our potential speakers is a financial adviser for Merrill Lynch. It will definitely be a fun and informative night!

Thanks for everyone's time!


PS. TICKETS are on sale ($3 off at the booth) in front of the HUB everyday from 10:30am to 2:30pm everyday until Friday. You won't miss us! Just look for this:

PSS Contact us at cbca@u.washington.edu if you any questions or comments!
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    New Club on Campus and its first event
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Math Tutor/Volunteer

My brother recently came to the US. He's having trouble in ESl Math but it's mostly his language barrier.

I'm trying to look for someone who's willing to help him with understanding math in English. He doesn't have enough Math homework from his highschool so he's getting no where. I'm hoping for someone who can guide him to do self-studying, extra math.

He's 16 yrs old, and we live around UW-North Campus.

Please tell me if you are intrested or if you know of anyone who might be interested. Any math majors or anyone who likes to teach.

Since we're low on budget volunteer is the best solution for us ( I'm a UW student btw) but time and money is negotiable.



hi! i'm considering transferring from reed college to uw and have a few questions.

1) what is the workload like? and are you happy with your classes (quality, etc)?

2) what does the music program offer for nonmajors? in other words, even if i'm not super serious, can i still play in a decent concert band?

3) what are your relationships with professors like? does the size of the school make it hard to find a mentor?

4) how would you describe the student body in general?

5) and, just out of curiosity, what is your favorite and least favorite thing about uw?

thanks so much in advance!