February 11th, 2004

Girl meets Girl in Seattle

Hey! My name is Whitney and I'm the moderator of the 2-day-old community, gaygirlseattle. It's made for Seattle femmes...including you UW students!! Our members so far are from Bellingham, Northgate, Mill Creek, and everywhere in between! We're for lez/bi/trans girls who wanna meet other women. it's much more simple than a regular singles community, because it rules out all the boys. If you're interested, send me an email, IM, or comment, since it's a closed community, and I will gladly add you. =P

UW News

Just wanted to share with everyone that one of our librarians is in the March edition of Glamour!~ Can you guess who it is?

Also, I must add a little plug for the Vagina Monologues that will be happening in Kane 130 @ 7 pm Thurs, Fri and Sat. This is an amazing show and your fellow UW students will be performing!
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Financial Accounting

It's quite foolish to post here for a lost book, but I'm gripping for a last straw....
Here goes:
I've lost my accounting book! It was 60$, which I can't afford to replace! The title is Financial Accounting 5th edition, by Pratt. A textbook size book with dark green cover and globe on it!! It's used for accounting 215. If you guys see it laying around somewhere, please please please I beg of you, grab it let me know. (yes yes.. ask the person sitting next to the book if its theirs)

Or if anybody else wants to let me borrow their accounting book until the end of this quarter?! I promise to use it in good condition! Or sell it to me really cheap?

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