February 1st, 2004



I'm working on a piece for my short story class and am suffering miserably from writer's block. I am in desperate need of inspiration. Here's where you can help me (please!). Was there ever a time you and a friend got into a tight spot, and didn't want anyone else to find out about it? I don't need to know details, just what happened. I'm not looking for anything deep and profound. In fact, the more trivial and humorous, the better.

Thank you guys soooo much!


hi -- i'm looking for somewhere to volunteer at...any ideas? somewhere close to UW or a short bus ride a way would be nice! and if has to deal with working w/ kids that'll be even better!!
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Sociology 271 - Deviance

If anyone has ever taken this class by Joe Weis or is taking it currently, I was wondering if I am the only one that has found so many spelling and grammatical errors that I cannot even keep track of them. I want to defy the system and bring this book down because I think it is bullshit. I am up to date on my reading, but as of right now, there are numerous errors on pages 195-196. Anyway, I think I am going to cross-post this on U-Match.

Let's start a revolution!
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