January 28th, 2004

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Computer commons at OUGL

Okay, so for the past week or so I've been having a lot of trouble signing into the computers at the library. I've never been able to use the PC's because it says that my account has been disabled, and now whenever I try to sign in on the Mac's, it won't let me. I type in my id and my password and then it does this weird shaking thing. For some reason I can get it to work on some computers, but now it seems like it's taking longer and longer each day to find one that works. I think the computer thinks that I have the wrong password or something, but I don't. Is it possible that someone hacked into my account? B/c I've also been getting e-mails saying that my message could not be delivered when I didn't even send the e-mail in the first place. If it is possibly someone else using my account, then what do I do?
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expired IDs

HI! I'm a female, 5'2, 115 lbs, blonde hair (curly), blue eyes.

I need an expired ID, if you are 21 or over. Anyone have one? I'll trade you for baked goods if so! (do you like new york style bagels?)

Thanks much

PS or if you'd like to come to the DMV and get a new one, or soemthing? I dono, i just really wanna see live music and it's hard when you're underaged in this city, surprise :*\
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Another applicant worried about acceptance...

I know someone has asked a similar question, but I just wanted to ask, how long did it take you to get your acceptance letters? I sent in my application on Nov. 30th, and they got my transcripts Dec. 19th. It is now the end of January and I haven't heard anything back except that my application has gone through a review and my final decision is pending. Yeah, it said that way back in December! I really want to get into the UW but this waiting is freaking me out! What do you think my chances are?

My SAT was low, 1000ish, with a 2.14 gpa at the time the application was due, but I am also a running start student who by the time of graduating high school will have close to 60 college credits finished. I did 2 essays, sent in a letter of recommendation, and have a huge list of awards, extra curriculars, and community service. My numbers are low, but everything else is pretty high so I know I'm going to be in the review, I'm just hoping they'll see that I am a perfect match for this school! My counselor said that because I have so many college credits, it should be easier for me to get in because I'll be at a sophomore status, and the sophomore class is smaller than the freshman class. Is there some truth to that?

Oh, one more question- when you get waitlisted, when is the deadline to get in? Are your chances of getting in high? Should one accept another school just in case?
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Hey Fellow Huskies.

Hey, I'm Simon, I'm a sophomore but I just got LJ a few days ago (thanks dunkman). Anyway, I don't know too many people here but was wondering if anybody would add me? I'd add you right back. I'm a Computer Science major and like to hang out, chat on aim, and romance beautiful women. I'm taking PHIL100, 102, and ECON 200 this quarter, if anyone wants to study. I'm usually at OUGL when not in class. If anybody needs their computer fixed I can do that too (kinda a dork like that).

I've been having a tough time meeting people at this big-ass university, but I still manage to have a good time, so give me a shout on AIM, my screenname is pamplmoose. Or you can just add me to LJ Friends.

See you around,