January 27th, 2004


How to end file sharing on campus

The Daily publishes an article on file sharing mentioning the Direct Connect hub "DawgFarm". Shortly thereafter, I get a message from a friend in the dorms saying DawgFarm is down. Maybe I'm making an unfounded assumption, but if you put two and two together... anyone Googling for dawgfarm can find out that the DC hub in the dorms was dawgfarm.wack.us, which, of course, no longer leads anywhere. The kids running it must be afraid the RIAA's gonna be after them now that they're even more easy to find. If DC-based file sharing continues on campus, I'm betting it'll almost definitely occur under a different name!

...not that it matters to me (I moved out of the dorms last June), but I thought you dorm kids might be interested. Direct Connect was everybody's favorite little toy back when I was living in Lander.